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Our Products

Insul-8 in Brisbane, Queensland offers a wide array of products that can help you keep your home or business insulated. Check below to see information on the different items we carry.

Bradford Gold

When it comes to insulation for your home, office or factory, Bradford Insulation is the smart choice. It offers a range of environmentally-sustainable products that can help you improve comfort and energy efficiency.

With energy costs projected to rise in the near future, making your home more energy efficient is a great investment to save money over the long term.


The new generation SoundScreen, is the leading acoustic insulation for residential and commercial buildings in Australia. New fiberizing technology has been utilized improved to deliver much better sound attenuation properties. It is an industrial strength acoustic insulation.

Thermoseal House Wrap

The Bradford range of wall wraps provides different benefits to make staying in your home comfortable as possible. They lessen the risk of condensation formation which can cause mould to form.

They are pliable building membranes that are installed on the outside of building frames. They offer multiple benefits during construction and also when a home is complete. A wall wrap can further improve the restfulness of your home by protecting the frame, insulation and structure.


  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Improves the R-Value of the Wall System
  • Protects Building Frame from Decay
  • Reduces Water Vapour Transmission Through the Structure of Buildings*

*All joints, penetrations and discontinuities should be sealed if you want the membrane to provide a constant vapour barrier


Edmonds WindMaster is a turbine ventilator that is wind driven. It is designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space of a home. You can place it on tiled and metal roofs. Install one of these ventilation systems on your roof for an easy way to reduce the extreme temperatures that build up throughout the day.

It is constructed from light-weight aluminium, and has a classic design. It comes with 15 years of warranty. In addition, its aluminium construction also allows it to be used in coastal areas.

Advantages and Features:

  • Can Be Installed on Most Roof Types

  • Exhausts Warm Air in the Summer Seasons
  • Silent and fluid Operation
  • Removes Moisture Build Up in Winter
  • Replaceable Bearing
  • Variety of Colours That Can Suite Any Roof

Foilboard Rigid Insulation

Foilboard is made from fire retardant expanded polystyrene with pure aluminium foil exactly laminated to both sides to form a rigid sheet. Anti–glare ink is applied to one side. It is formulated to not impede with the reflectiveness of the foil. 

A Foilboard® Insulation Panel is light and safe to manage and because it does not have any hazardous fibres, you do not need protective clothing during installation.

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